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Cart Devices Kit - Steth Pkg - Please call for Quantity Orders +1-954-774-4138

Telemedicine Cart Peripherals Bundle - Stethoscope Package

Although telemedicine carts can be loaded up with almost any diagnostic device, there are basic peripherals needed to handle most patient encounters on carts used in primary care settings. One of these is a digital stethoscope. This package pairs the ri-sonic PCP-USB telemedicine stethoscope with PCP-SSP software and an echo cancelling headset.ÿ


    The stethoscope in this package is connected to the cart PC via USB cable for live telemedicine transmission of the audio stream.

    Specific products for integration on telemedicine carts are:

    1. ri-sonic PCP-USB Telemedicine Stethoscope ($489)
    2. PCP-SSP Telemedicine Stethoscope Software ($96)
    3. Echo Cancelling Headset for Local Stethoscope Monitoring ($35)

    Prices for the above listed products total $620. The package sells for $558, a 10% discount off the cost of the products purchased individually.

    Please Call for Quantity Pricing 954-774-4138